Development of LTC, UTC and special transportation conditions

Experts  of «Optimalnaya Transportnaya Logistica” LLC (Optimum Transport Logistics) are highly skilled in development of drawings, LTC, UTC conditions for carriage of freight by railway. The Company has effective agreements with relevant institutes in this field. Soon the Company will make an agreement with OJSC “Russian Railways”.

1. Development of local technical conditions (LTC)

These technical documents are developed specifically for your cargo type and methods of its loading, this makes possible to elaborate every technicality of the manner of fastening, in some cases this allows considerable saving of materials.

  • We provide variability for cargo types, loading methods and rolling stock types
  • We save fastening means and loading time 
  • Validity 7 years
  • Modifications are possible

2. Development of unspecified technical conditions (UTC)

UTC are developed for non-scheduled transportation, test for this are not required.

  • Individual development on the basis of your cargo characteristics 
  • Validity 5 years
  • Bigger strength margin

3. Development of cargo layout (CL)

Cargo layout is among simple document types approved by station master or safety supervisor. The layout is developed in compliance with technical

specifications (ТУ) ТУ-ЦМ 943. 

4. Development of special transportation conditions (ST)

Special conditions provide for cargo transportation which cannot be done on the basis of general Railroad Transportation Rules. The railways organize transportation under special conditions together with interested shippers (recipients) on the terms of contracts. The necessity to transport cargo under special conditions is determined by circumstances under which, for example, the container (packing) of originating cargo or its technical and qualitative condition do not comply with requirements of Railroad Transportation Rules. Perishable, oversized, dangerous, heavy and other goods can be carried under special conditions. OJSC “Russian Railways” consider a shipment request with brief specification of the cargo, agrees on terms of transportation acceptable for all parties and responsibility for cargo safety condition and prepares a single document (contract, instruction, order).